Dreams Body Butter is rich & creamy absorbing deep into the skin to help condition, soften & smooth away dryness. Our formula contains a quality blend of CBD and oils, making it an excellent topical system to areas desiring treatment such as inflammation & other skin ailments. This product helps to nourish the skin leaving it soft throughout the day. Forms a protective barrier to hold in moisture, protects skin from dry air, heat & cold weather. Works for moderate to intense pain, promotes hair growth, repairs damaged skin via bug bites, reducing wrinkles, crowsfeet , sagging and scarring. Dreams body butter relieves patchy, red, dry skin, vastly decreasing apperance and effects of the aliment no matter the severity. Apply as often as needed!Smooth creamy light butter , evenly moisturizing the skin, no heavy oils, all natural 100% Organic Non-GMO product.

Dreams CBD Body Butter

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